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When is a website design finished?

When is a website design finished? I’m sorry, but hopefully never.

Websites have changed. I don’t just mean the design styles, with a crisp layout or better graphics. I mean the purpose and function of a website has changed.

Remember when websites were basically an online brochure? A place to promote your business. People added gobs of text and key words with the hopes that the world was watching and plowing through every word.

And when it was done, it was done.

Now the most successful and profitable websites are a resource. They include inbound marketing like blogs and social media. Websites are a centralized hub of relevant information that attracts customers and converts them into sales. They are conversational, not overtly technical. Even if your business is technical, your site should be easy to follow.

Social media integration is essential. It shows you are real. You are active. You are attentive. You aren’t just trying to sell something.

You care.

People want to know who they are working with. Do I want my photo on a website? Heck no. But it’s helpful. Inquiring minds want to know who they are talking to.

Websites have changed and yours should too.


Look at your site as a centralized portal for all your marketing activities. A place for potential customers to go to learn everything about you and your brand. To get to know you. Feed your site with quick social media posts, new customer incentives, upcoming event info, e-news sign up, downloadable e-books, photos changed seasonally, helpful or interesting videos and product announcements. Create content that will appeal to your dream customer. Be intentional.

And make a plan to change it frequently.

Customers will find your site more interesting and search engines will reward you for it.

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