Website Maintenance Services

Frequently Updated Websites Are Safer & Get Better Results

If you own a website, you have to plan for website maintenance these days. Period. No matter who designs your website, there are two things you should know:

  1. Frequently updated content keeps customers coming back! It also signals search engines to rank your site higher.
  2. If you use WordPress, you must keep the backend system updated and backed up to be protected from hacks and breaks.

At New Sky, we know some customers prefer to manage their own websites so we approach website maintenance by addressing these two items separately.

Website Updates

Not only do frequently updated websites rank much higher with search engines, but they also show potential customers that you are an active, top-notch organization. There are also ever-changing best practices to keep in mind regarding SEO strategy, layouts, calls to action, fonts, images, meta tags and descriptions and cross-browser compatibility.

Rather than having your inexperienced staff update your website for you, let our experts do it in half the time while paying attention to details that only professionals will consider. We have been maintaining websites since 2008. Rates range from $40 – $85 per hour. We pay attention to all the details listed above and make sure your site is functional and fast! We can also make training videos for your team so they can make changes themselves in the future!

Contact us with questions or for more specific details.

WordPress Maintenance

We love WordPress. With it you can get nearly unlimited features by using carefully tested plugins that would normally cost you thousands if you had them custom programmed. In our experience, WordPress sites also perform the best in search engine rankings. However, because of it’s popularity, WordPress is a constant target by hackers so it must be carefully and frequently maintained.

That’s why we are like the Soup Nazi about requiring our WordPress Maintenance services. If you have a WordPress website with New Sky, you’ll pay a small monthly fee to have our team run monthly updates to your core system, plugins and theme. We also manage security plugins and send you a monthly report so you can see what we’ve done and be aware of any issues or changes in the website world.

Contact us with any questions you might have.

“Dawn is absolutely the easiest person I’ve found to work with in the world of websites. She listens well and gives practical, expert advice and assistance. She also has that rare gift of explaining everything in language non-technology people can understand!”

– Jennie Bishop, PurityWorks

We Can Simplify Your Business!

We can train you to update your own website OR we can save you boatloads of time and headaches by doing it for you!

When we update your website content, you don’t have to worry about all the nerdy details:

  • Photo and graphic optimization
  • Page load times
  • Proper usage of keywords for SEO
  • Broken links or pages
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Adding Alt Text to photos
  • Writing powerful Meta Descriptions
  • Optimizing Page Titles for Search Engines
  • Best usage of Heading Tags
  • Latest website design trends and techniques
  • Ever-changing Google ranking factors (there are 200+!!)

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