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Social Media Features For Your Business You May Not Have Discovered

Social media networks have many features that persons who are not techno-savvy don’t use– because they simply don’t know about them. This article describes the most useful Social Media features you didn’t know existed, as well as help on getting started using them.

Facebook Tools for Business

Poll people in a group or event. You can poll Facebook users who are part of a group or event. Under the status bar you’ll find an “Ask a Question” tab. Click on this; then click “Add Poll Options.” This will allow you to enter multiple-choice questions. You can poll users on anything from event feedback to choosing a puppy name. This is a great way to get immediate feedback!

Find focused conversations. By using the search bar—typically utilized for searching for people or events—you can also enter topics and keywords that will display old News Feed posts on the subjects you’re interested in.

Twitter Features for B2B

Analyze your tweets at no cost. If you have a Twitter account you have free access to data about your followers and timeline activity using Twitter Analytics. This gives you data on engagement, link clicks, favorites and more. The options are displayed on the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

Twitter Chat. A Twitter chat is when a group of users meet on Twitter discuss a specific topic at a scheduled time. These chats have been shown to boost followers and engagement, as they allow you to converse with other users who are interested in the same topics. To find out how to set up a chat, follow this link.

Pinterest Searches to Help Business

Guided Search. Pinterest has implemented a Guided Search option that allows you to search for exactly what you’re looking for. Pinterest blogger Julia Campbell notes that a search for “summer cocktails” shows several categories of pins like Vodka, Frozen and Fun.

Linkedin Notes for Managing Connections

Add secret relationship notes. One little-known feature of LinkedIn allows you to write notes about your connections. These comments can be reminders on how you met and where, notes about your connection’s interests or anything you want to remember. Click “Relationship” under the person’s profile picture. Your notes are private and cannot be seen by anyone.

All of these features are useful for both individuals and businesses, and there are many more not listed here. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

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