Sun Kind of Living web by New Sky Websites

Sun Kind of Living

Caroline Arndt is a realtor with a passion for helping people live their best life. She is based in Wisconsin with a second home and many connections in Florida. That gave birth to “Sun Kind of Living…” the goal is to help people move or buy a second home in Florida. She needed a website to help communicate her experience …

Pawtastic Pals web design by New Sky Websites

Pawtastic Pals

What a fun experience to help Pawtastic Pals launch their new business online. We used Shopify for their new website and customized it to look whimsy and fun, just like their new trading card game!

Indian Grass Storage web design by New Sky Websites

Indian Grass Storage

Dan purchased a storage unit facility and wanted to completely redesign the website. We incorporated his new reservation system into a new site and designed graphics for a storage unit space estimator. The options for these things could have ranged in price significantly but we zeroed in on solutions to fit Dan’s budget and still accomplish his goals. We also …

Vintage Barn Chicks website by New Sky Websites

Vintage Barn Chicks

Vintage Barn Chicks contacted New Sky after starting a new eCommerce website in Shopify and needing a little help. We went through the site and every detail and finished tweaking the design and then helped setup the eCommerce portion of the site and launched it for them after successful testing. We love the store and love these products. So fun …

W&D Navis web design by New Sky Websites

W&D Navis

This is the second website Dawn has designed for W&D Navis over the years. This time they wanted an update with a fully responsive WordPress theme to showcase their new business divisions. New Sky developed a design that gave site visitors the opportunity to get right into one of their three business areas right from the home page, but we …

Vintique Rental web design by New Sky Websites

Vintique Rental

Vintique Rental wanted a unique version of an eCommerce website with a Wishlist but not an actual shopping cart / traditional buying environment. Their old site had this feature, but it didn’t work the way the desired. Our team worked with the to develop a new site with the perfect combination of custom coding and basic design management to give …

Bronze Star Carpentry web design by New Sky Websites

Bronze Star Carpentry

Darin and Randy from Bronze Star Carpentry needed a new website to showcase Darin’s work. Our team worked together with them to build a responsive WordPress website that can easily expand over the years to show more an more custom cabinetry, barnwood creations, and live edge furniture and counter tops. We also threw in a quick graphic rendition to create …

SJW Realty Advisors website by New Sky Websites

SJW Realty Advisors

SJW Realty Advisors needed a website to go with a new business launch of a realtor group. They wanted a way to show listings as well as a robust search tool for lake country real estate and home listings. We built them a site using WordPress and IDX Broker. Along with standard listing pages, we built pages featuring listings in …

Create-A-Pack Foods website by New Sky Websites

Create-A-Pack Foods, Inc.

Create-A-Pack Foods had an older website that did not work well from mobile devices and it had slow page load times. They also could not easily update their Joomla website and wanted it rebuilt in an easier to use system. New Sky Websites re-built their website in WordPress with after careful research to determine keywords. We also integrated a login …

Oh Arona website

Oh Arona! Experiences

Arona Martin needed a new website for her event planning company, Oh Arona! Experiences. Her graphic designer had a specific look in mind, so New Sky Websites just did the back end development work to install her design into an easy-to-use CMS for quick site updates. Like most of our projects, the site is fully responsive, so it resizes automatically …