Rock On Curling web by New Sky Websites

Rock On Curling

Craig Sharkus needed a new eCommerce site built for selling his Curling equipment online. We discussed his options and settled on Shopify for the easiest maintenance once the site was complete. Craig was happy with the results and the way he now has full access to seeing orders, making revisions, and adding new products all on his own.

Pawtastic Pals web design by New Sky Websites

Pawtastic Pals

What a fun experience to help Pawtastic Pals launch their new business online. We used Shopify for their new website and customized it to look whimsy and fun, just like their new trading card game!

Audio Implements web design by New Sky Websites

Audio Implements

Audio Implements/GKC, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of earpieces, listening devices and amplifiers for the television and security industries. They’ve thrived by selling their products over the phone since 1967 and it was time to go online. We had the privilege of being selected as their website design company to help them do just that. We used Shopify for …

Vintage Barn Chicks website by New Sky Websites

Vintage Barn Chicks

Vintage Barn Chicks contacted New Sky after starting a new eCommerce website in Shopify and needing a little help. We went through the site and every detail and finished tweaking the design and then helped setup the eCommerce portion of the site and launched it for them after successful testing. We love the store and love these products. So fun …

Bunks and Beds website by New Sky Websites

Bunks and Beds

Kathy from Bunks and Beds was a customer of Dawn’s back in 2008 when Dawn worked for a different company. Kathy “googled” Dawn and reached out to her again in 2018 for a new website. Kathy wanted a mobile responsive website that looked more modern and better featured her store inventory online. She only wanted to sell a small percentage …