Royal Roost website

Royal Roost

Karen at the Royal Roost wanted to take her retail business to the next level by selling merchandise online instead of just in stores. New Sky setup a eCommerce site using WooCommerce for Karen and loaded up her products to get clucking! Karen loved the results and still uses our services to add more products. You can do it yourself …

Ox-Brake web design by New Sky Websites


Ox-Brake offers a one-of-a-kind auxiliary hand brake for off road motorcycles. Owner, Chuck Schueller, was looking for a sharp new spin on his eCommerce website to update the look and make it easier for people to find and order the parts they need. New Sky websites used WordPress with Woocommerce to rebuild his site with international shipping options, a dealer …

Laura Sandretti web design by New Sky Websites

Everyday Sinner

Laura Sandretti is a popular Christian Speaker and author in Wisconsin who has had a strong blog following for many years. She was referred to New Sky to take her business, Everyday Sinner, to the next level with a more professional website where she could sell her book online instead of only through Amazon and other retailers. Since profits go …

Pawtastic Pals web design by New Sky Websites

Pawtastic Pals

What a fun experience to help Pawtastic Pals launch their new business online. We used Shopify for their new website and customized it to look whimsy and fun, just like their new trading card game!

Audio Implements web design by New Sky Websites

Audio Implements

Audio Implements/GKC, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of earpieces, listening devices and amplifiers for the television and security industries. They’ve thrived by selling their products over the phone since 1967 and it was time to go online. We had the privilege of being selected as their website design company to help them do just that. We used Shopify for …

Vintage Barn Chicks website by New Sky Websites

Vintage Barn Chicks

Vintage Barn Chicks contacted New Sky after starting a new eCommerce website in Shopify and needing a little help. We went through the site and every detail and finished tweaking the design and then helped setup the eCommerce portion of the site and launched it for them after successful testing. We love the store and love these products. So fun …

Vintique Rental web design by New Sky Websites

Vintique Rental

Vintique Rental wanted a unique version of an eCommerce website with a Wishlist but not an actual shopping cart / traditional buying environment. Their old site had this feature, but it didn’t work the way the desired. Our team worked with the to develop a new site with the perfect combination of custom coding and basic design management to give …

Hunt 4 Life Foundation web design by New Sky Websites

Hunt 4 Life Foundation

Hunt 4 Life Foundation is a non-profit organization with guys that have an incredible passion for raising money for causes they believe in. They are a long time customer of New Sky who we work with closely every year to help them make their big event a success. We built them a site that’s low cost and fast to update …

PurityWorks website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI


Jennie Bishop is the founder of PurityWorks and an international best-selling author. She needed a new website that drew together all her marketing efforts under one roof. Jennie had a site for shopping, a separate blog and more than one marketing website. New Sky Websites built a site with an integrated store and blog to keep site visitors on her …