Hunt 4 Life Foundation web design by New Sky Websites

Hunt 4 Life Foundation

Hunt 4 Life Foundation is a non-profit organization with guys that have an incredible passion for raising money for causes they believe in. They are a long time customer of New Sky who we work with closely every year to help them make their big event a success. We built them a site that’s low cost and fast to update …

Rugged Cross Fine Art Woodworking website by New Sky Websites

Rugged Cross Furniture

Rugged Cross Fine Art Woodworking was looking for a fresh new website that better showcased his custom made furniture. He had a variety of furniture categories, so a new structure was needed to improve the site visitor’s experience and further simplify browsing. New Sky also created a custom logo for RCFAW. Aaron maintains his own website, so we built it in …

Alternative Advertising Website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI

Alternative Advertising

Alternative Advertising needed an updated branding website that would rank higher with search engines, help tell their story and fluidly communicate their best customer case studies. New Sky Websites partnered with their team to develop a one-page, minimalistic design utilizing the latest best practices for SEO and user-experience. The site is also fully responsive to all mobile devices.

PurityWorks website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI


Jennie Bishop is the founder of PurityWorks and an international best-selling author. She needed a new website that drew together all her marketing efforts under one roof. Jennie had a site for shopping, a separate blog and more than one marketing website. New Sky Websites built a site with an integrated store and blog to keep site visitors on her …

Krantz Design website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI

Krantz Design

At Krantz Design, Bob Krantz creates upscale, craftsman style or mission style furniture with clean lines and simple elegance. New Sky Websites created a website design and Facebook page to compliment that style and feel. Bob wanted to showcase his work, but not sell it online so a custom gallery was created to accomplish his goals.

Eau Claire Woodworks website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI

Eau Claire Woodworks

Tim Brudnicki at Eau Claire Woodworks wanted to take his woodworking business to the next level by dramatically improving his website and offering items for sale online. New Sky Websites designed a new logo for Tim, then built a dramatic website to showcase his handcrafted custom furniture.

O'Connor Sign Planning Website by New Sky Websites in Oconomowoc, WI

O’Connor Sign Design

O’Connor Sign Planning & Design wanted a new website that would give site visitors a great first impression and also feature their work in a beautiful portfolio that was still ultra-easy to keep updated. New Sky Websites built their website in an easy-to-use CMS and trained their team to maintain the site on their own. This kept their costs down …

Eastridge Estates Website by New Sky Websites, Oconomowoc, WI

Eastridge Estates

Eastridge Estates in Norfolk, NE needed a starter website to get their new real estate development project on the map. They wanted it optimized for search engine results to lay the ground work for their business while still in its infancy stages. This will make it easier for them to hit the floor running down the road.

iSwarm Website by New Sky Websites


iSwarm is a business unit from Weka Solutions in Boston, MA that utilizes a social media engine for patient engagement and clinical trial recruiting to help pharmaceutical companies. iSwarm contacted New Sky for a professional website that needed to be development quickly. We designed and launched their new site and social media pages within a week so it was live with a few …

Weka Solutions website by New Sky Websites

Weka Solutions

Weka Solutions liked the work we did on three of their other business websites, so they hired us for a fourth. This time we built their corporate website using the same Strikingly platform they’ve grown to love for its ease of use and one page design. Just like all of their projects, time was of the essence so we completed the …