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Blogging To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Have you heard that blogging will boost your search engine rankings? It’s true. Today, with so many people having access to the internet and countless means of social media, if you’re not blogging then your company is losing out. A study conducted by reported that though while 60% of business have their own blogs, 65% of them haven’t updated it in a year or more! By doing so, they are losing out on all of the many benefits blogging can offer when optimizing your company’s search engine optimization and online presence.

Here, we will list five ways you can utilize your blog for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Research for Your Blog 

Researching and being familiar with your goal keywords is an essential step in optimizing your blog. Though you may have a good idea about the keywords you want to use, there are services available to help you find different and more unique words that you may not have considered. The Google KeyWord Tool as well as are both excellent tools to hunt down keywords related to your business and even to spy on what words or phrases your competition may be using.

Utilize Keywords in Your Content 

Once you’ve done step one and chosen the keywords you want to implement, you must then apply them in a way that will have the most impact for both human internet surfers and automatic search robots. The best places to apply your keywords are:

  • Blog Title
  • Paragraph Headings and Subheadings
  • Introduction Statement
  • Conclusion Paragraph
  • Anchor Text (Any text you hyperlink to related pages.)
  • Any Title Tags, Hashtags, or Meta Descriptions

Be cautious and avoid ‘keyword stuffing,’ or trying to cram in too many keywords at once. Doing this can result in a blog post that is confusing and difficult to read, causing you to lose readers. Additionally, it can leave you penalized by Google. When it comes to keywords per blog, less is more. Choosing and managing the data of the long tail keywords is crucial for your online rankings. Linkio will help you with the right percentages to a safe way through your competitors and on the first place on search results.

Include Links in Your Posts 

Try to include hyperlinks to other bloggers or relevant blog posts when you can. Not only is it good blogging etiquette, but good blogging karma as you may receive a link back. Useful and relevant links are a necessity when building blogs for SEO as linked blogs get higher priority over unlinked blogs in search results.

Let Readers Subscribe to your Blog 

Give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog posts. Place subscription buttons and social media following links in an easily noticeable place. This will notify your followers either by email or social media every time you post a new blog.

Utilize Social Media for the Best Results

Tying into our last post, utilize social media to get more exposure for your blog posts. Free utilities such as Hootsuite streamline the process of posting your blogs to all of your various social media outlets with just a few clicks!

By implementing these SEO tactics, you can start expecting to see increased traffic and exposure of both your blog and main webpage. To read more about SEO tips and blogging to benefit your company, feel free to visit our website. Additionally, you can contact us directly with any questions you may have. We love to help!

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